This is a personal site dedicated to the story of how I stay active.

I’m a young professional who takes on content marketing by day. By earlier day and mostly in my evenings, I focus on climbing higher on the challenging mountain that is physical activity. That could mean a local pseudo-hike or a mini marathon at the mall. It’s not always easy to keep that motivation top-of-mind, so I cull my inspirations from positive people who are out there achieving exemplary things. You’ll notice I reference media like documentary movies, podcasts, and books.

Why “Leftfield Limits”?

I’m a bit of an insubordinate in my approach to the best way to take on life. When suitable, I’ll usually form my own pathway. I was first introduced to the term “leftfield” by renegade Glasgow DJs Optimo (Espacio), who made a name for themselves in the dance scene by mixing tracks that you didn’t typically see on a techno mixtape, like The Cramps and Nurse With Wound. (See also: their high caliber No Wave mix.) I like that innovative style and the DIY approach it’s associated with, since when you try new things, you never know what good you’re going to get.

So, Leftfield Limits: discovering your limits in your own unique way.

For instance, not everyone will be able to take on an ultramarathon. But maybe someone will see others taking on that ultramarathon and think, well, if they can do that, then maybe I can go climb this hill in my backyard and get to exploring what the ants are up to. And that motivation to explore will lead you to reaching beyond what limits you previously thought possible.

Here you’ll find a mix personal blogging, long form articles, listicles, and visual media. Anything goes, as long as it tells a good story. And I hope that in the process, I can inspire you to make your own good story.

Cheers to the good years. And feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat about the uphill battle!