Ten Ways to Reduce Stress: AKA How To Keep from Having to Break into the Nyeh Nyeh Dance

We all reach our limits. Sometimes more than once throughout our day. And sometimes we end up just going in our rooms and doing the Nyeh Nyeh dance to clear it all away.

And sometimes, sometimes is more than sometimes (TM me 2004.)

I made this list about a week ago as a reminder of how I can keep my stress levels at a minimum and those happiness levels at a max.

This isn’t a scientific list, but as I’ve taken that bumpy ride to adulthood, these are things I’ve learned along the way that might sustain your everyday sanity.

1. Say no to pain points.

Does a proposition give you an unhealthy level of anxiety? Say no.

2. Say yes to positive reinforcements.

Did a friend invite you somewhere but it means getting out of your house? Do it.

3. Don’t let perceived obligation dictate your responses.

Often, our perceptions can cloud our better judgments. You might highly respect someone, or crave their validation. You might just be a people pleaser. People might ask you to fulfill a task that you’re not up to, or don’t have time for. Pause to make sure you’re responding to requests with the proper understanding of the value you’ll both give to AND receive from it. (That received value can be anything from the good feeling of helping someone to monetary compensation.) If you have no good reason to engage, don’t let your perceived obligation push you to do something that isn’t otherwise healthy for your well-being.

4. Plan ahead.

Leave flexibility for emergencies.

5. Manage expectations.

Does yelling out into an abyss guarantee positive reinforcement? Is a certain person obligated to your life and schedule? Learn to level expectations.

6. Value the valuable.

Give people close to you the investment they deserve.

7. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

A simple, but easy way to maximize feeling good throughout the day. Think of how much unnecessary stress a pair of uncomfortable shoes or an itchy material against your skin can cause.

8. Surround yourself with good noise.

Does your music bring you up or down? Your programs? Your social media feed?

9. Make sure you have a pocket of “me” time each day to reflect.

Taking a break from the noise and giving yourself time to wind down and review your day can help you improve yourself and your future decisions.

10. Breathe evenly.

Being in tune with your body language can heighten consciousness and help you relax.

Now that you’ve hopefully gained some wisdom, or used this list to review your own stress-reducing solutions, hopefully you have a few better tools to manage your day-to-day dealings.

And if not, just remember that old phrase: keep on keepin’ on. And you’ll do just fine.


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